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Best Desk Gadgets For Dads, Christmas 2019

With the holiday gift giving season soon approaching, I’ve collated a list of the 10 coolest gadgets to give your Dad. And by that I mean a list of gadgets I would consider cool to keep on my desk at home or at the office.

1. Levitating Floating Globe

What could be a better conversation starter than an eye catching, spinning, levitating globe? Dad’s client will be forever impressed by it’s never ending spinning and levitating. Will it spin forever? There is only one way to find out.

2. Mini Retro Arcade Gaming Machine With 200 Games

Now this is pretty cool! Give Dad the gift of a trip down memory lane with a miniature arcade gaming machine with all the old school classics from the 80’s and 90’s. It is small, yes! But it is very well made and has the following games:

#1 1942
#2 spy hunte
#6 zaxxon
#23 gforce
#34 wack-a-mole
#76 defender
#79 load runner
#89 centipede
#93 mappy
#96 digdug 2
#110 xevious
#125 battleship
#127 arkanoid
#130 space invaders
#134 galaga
#142 kaboom

My Arcade Retro Machine Gaming System with 200 Built-In Video Games     

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