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What is the easiest way to remote into a computer?

I have a reputation amongst my friends and family as the technical person, which quite often means that when a cellphone, computer or any electronic gadget for that matter is misbehaving, I’m the first person they call. With computers, I try to determine the problem over the phone to figure out if there is an easy fix. If I can not determine the problem over the phone, or the fix is too complicated to explain, I simply pay them a visit so I can fix it for them.

Up until a year ago I had known about gaining remote access into peoples computers, but had never actually tried it. Basically you and your friend with the computer problem both download some software. You can then gain full control of their computer, mouse and keyboard, and diagnose and repair the problem from your home. It’s as if you are sitting right in front of their computer, without actually being there.

I tried out a number of different software solutions to do this, but unfortunately they all required a monthly subscription, except for one. That software was called “Team Viewer” Continue reading